About MadzScapes Wall Company

Welcome to MadzScapes Wall Company South Africa, where we sell a wide range of Wall Stickers, Wall Decals, Sticker Labels, Graphic Design and Wall Murals.

MadzScapes Wall Company was established in 2016 by Kirstin Joy, This business was created with the vision of creating and making walls amazing and beautiful, no matter the wall, no matter the space.

MadzScapes designs and prints wall art stickers, wall vinyl stickers, labels, plain stickers, custom stickers and much more...

wall art stickers and wall stickers decals are very popular as they are safe for walls, fully removable and great temporary wall stickers (although they can last years). It becomes so easy to change your wall art into anything else! Wall art and wall stickers can be custom designed by you, or choose from our variety of pre-designed stickers and wall art.

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa, but deliver world wide, The removable wall art stickers are made from high quality vinyl sticker material and can not only be used as wall stickers, but you use the them as window decals; bathroom stickers; fridge stickers; ceiling stickers, cupboard stickers and even as as door stickers – they stick to anything untextured and flat. We supply both printed and flat vinyl stickers.

There is also a selection of digital printable's and downloadable section where you can choose to print the design and DIY yourself at home or at your local print shop of choice